Hi, I’m Kirsten!

I’m a marketer and creative who’s passionate about helping small businesses find creative solutions to grow and reach their. After years of working in the corporate world of branding, marketing and public relations, Kirsten Phelps Creative began as a wish to begin a business and pursue marketing and branding talents while still maintaining the flexibility for a working mom. After a corporate career in public relations,  sales and marketing, business owners and companies would often approach with questions about new marketing platforms or ideas and advice for reaching their target audiences. And thus, Kirsten Phelps Creative was born.

After working in corporate careers where the pressures to figure out new platforms, marketing solutions and creative strategies were ever present, I learned that those same pressures still exist in small businesse, many of which don’t have the time or resources to figure out the newest platform or marketing tactis. Not to mention, even finding the time to create blog, email, social media content to reach that audience. I took on my first clients to help to take the weight off a business owner trying to figure out every platform, page and post on their own. After helping many businesses define their marketing strategies and create content for them as a consultant, Kirsten Phelps Creative has grown into a smary solution to help all types of businesses grow and form a presence with their target market.

Prior to Kirsten Phelps Creative, I received my bachelor of arts from Florida State University with dual degrees in Media Communication Studies and Sports Management, and spent nearly a decade working forr firms and businesses handling public relations, branding, digital marketing and business marketing. When I’m not writing, meeting with clients or working from the nearest coffee shop, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Kyle, and two spunky girls, Savanna and Sienna.

Enough about me. Let’s get to work!